Get Started with Your End of Year Gifts Marketing Today

The end of the year is approaching quickly.  Now is the time to get started with your end of year marketing plans for major and planned gifts.

What should be your message as the year draws to a close?  Many of your donors will be looking for ways to support your cause while lowering their tax bill for this year.  Your messaging should focus on ways donors can help themselves, their loved ones and the causes they care about while saving on taxes.

There are a number of gift options that you can market to  help your donors achieve their goals this year:

1.  Outright Gifts – gifts of cash, securities and other assets made before the end of the year can produce significant tax deductions and give your donors the satisfaction that comes from making a difference for your cause this year.

2.  IRA Charitable Rollover Gifts – For donors who have not yet taken their RMD, an IRA charitable rollover gift is a great way that they can help your cause and lower their income and taxes this year. Keep in mind that it can take IRA administrators four to six weeks to make a transfer.  So, your marketing window for these gifts begins now and will end by mid-to-late November.

3.  Life Income Gifts – Charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts are attractive to  donors looking to make a tax deductible gift this year and create income/payments for themselves and/or a loved one.  A good way to start marketing gift annuities is to send a letter to existing gift annuity donors asking them if they would like to create another tax deductible gift annuity before the year ends.

There are many ways your donors can share in the upcoming season of giving and benefit from an end of year gift to support your cause.  Crescendo has released new marketing packages for end of year and IRA charitable rollover gifts.  Contact us at 1-800-858-9154 for more strategies on how to maximize your marketing efforts multiply gifts to your organization before the end of 2017.